I am a graphic designer and writer interested in language, memory, and gesture in the context of the Sinophone diaspora, with a focus on making websites. My practice combines personal and scholarly research with speculative storytelling.

Projects I think of fondly:

, , and LSWK , a web-based installation that invites visitors to sing Chinese karaoke songs that have been romanized with an obsolete system.

Open Studios , Open Studios , and Open Studios , the identity and signage for the Yale School of Art's 2023 Open Studios.

Speculative States , an anthology of texts describing different examples of territories that skirt the edge of conventional statehood.

JoLT , the 2023 issue of the Journal of Literary Translation.

Paprika , the “Fables” issue of Paprika, a broadsheet published by the students of the Yale School of Architecture.

, a ventriloquist performance employing facial tracking and interactive audio.

, a bilingual dialogue between two websites that juxtaposes my recent experience on a small experimental farm in the U.S. with my mother's experience on a farm in China in the 1970s.

, a website exploring the subject of burnout, repetitive gestures, and fine motor exhaustion through hyperbole and semi-sadistic mouse and keyboard interactions.

Runic , a revived typeface.

, a website I co-designed with Jessica Flemming to host the writings for a class we took together on the militarization and latent violence of everyday life.

, a website hosting photos of marine creatures taken by a friend conducting marine biology research in Palau. I overlaid the photos with text we co-wrote that details current political developments in Palau that threaten the future of the national marine sanctuary.

, a website hosting an interview I conducted with artist and dancer Karen Krolak, whose work deals with loss, grief, silence, gaps, and healing.

intimacies , an anthology book of cross-genre texts on interspecies intimacy, eroticism, desire, embodiment, queerness, and transhumanism.

Aquatic Intimacies , Aquatic Intimacies , Aquatic Intimacies , Aquatic Intimacies , Aquatic Intimacies , Aquatic Intimacies , Aquatic Intimacies , and Aquatic Intimacies , a poster series on interspecies intimacy, eroticism, desire, embodiment, queerness, and transhumanism.

LAG Times , a screen-printed publication of my own writings considering the concept of “lag.” Rather than a simple annoyance, I began to think of lag as a sign of bare, material resistance against the immediacy and high speed demanded by capitalist systems of global circulation.

GRIP poster , GRIP flyers , and GRIP poster , a set of posters, risograph flyers, and social media gif co-designed with Daedalus Li and Sarah Elawad, for “GRIP,” a dj panel organized by Ang Zhang and Ashley Teamer from Yale's Painting department.

liminals , a 3-color screenprint.

Notes from Underground , a glue-bound booklet excerpting the first chapter of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground.

ABCs , a faux children's book compiling classmates' and my own letterform experiments visualizing words.

ZAO: A History of Chinese Dishcourse through Famine and Revolution , a speculative history that satirically examines famine and propaganda in Mao Era China through a mix of original archival research, speculative writings, and hand-drawn illustrations.